If you have an aspiring athlete in your family and you want to capture a moment in time in their young career, I love to take sports shots that capture each child’s personality. This theme is truly personal for me as it grew out of my son’s love for all things sports. I started taking photographs of him when he first started playing hockey and then began doing so each year as a time capsule of his childhood love for sports. From there, I was asked to take photographs of his hockey team where I set up towards the side of the rink and hosted a mini-session during one of the team practices. I have a mobile set-up so can be booked to take photographs for an entire team and will also offer mini-sessions at select locations.

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Action shots were inspired by my son. I started taking photographs at his hockey tournaments and games, and it quickly expanded to taking shots of the entire team and allowing parents to download whatever I was able to capture. If your kiddo has an upcoming game or tournament where you/the team would like to capture the action, I would be happy to attend with the goal of capturing a few awesome photographs of each player. Action shots can be paired with an aspiring athletes session where I can capture individual photos either before or after the game (or practice) as well with my  mobile set-up.

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How do I book aspiring athletes shots for my child or team?

If you would like to book aspiring athlete shots and/or action shots for your team, please contact me and we can discuss. It is helpful to set up sessions when you know teams are available (such as already scheduled practices or games).

Will you do both aspiring athletes shots and action shots together?

Yes, if you would like to schedule aspiring athlete headshots prior to a game or practice, I would be happy to take action shots following or vice versa.

Do you take team photos as well?

Yes, I would be happy to take a team photo during the scheduled session as well.

What is the cost, how many photographs are received and when do I receive them?

For the aspiring athlete shots, the cost is $25/individual. Each individual will receive 3 hi-res digital files of their choice from a curated gallery. They will have the opportunity to purchase additional shots as well.  If team photos are desired, they will be included.

For action shots, please reach out to discuss. Cost may vary depending on the preference of the team and shots required. 

You can expect galleries to be sent out 2-4 weeks after the shoot.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for a session?

I try to take the aspiring athlete shots quickly, spending approximately 5 minutes with each athlete. Therefore, it is best for them to arrive in their uniform ready to go so I can quickly take all photos needed and get to the team shot. I prefer to take team shots at the end to ensure everyone is there, in case anyone is running late.

What is your cancellation policy?

A $50 non-refundable retainer is required. If you need to reschedule your session, please give me at least one week’s notice, and the retainer can be used for a later date.

I would love to have aspiring athlete or action shots taken of my individual child. Is that possible?

Please reach out to me – I would love to discuss!