A space to produce video, or other media content, is more than equipment and acoustic treatments, it is an experience for the user(s). A workflow that should be as effective as it is enjoyable.

Below is an example of a space I designed and developed for Vanderbilt University. The studio empowered people of all experience levels to create consistent high quality video on their own.


A conference room was converted into the studio space, which centered around green screen live keyed video production. Special consideration was made regarding acoustics and lighting. The space allows presenters to present next to their PowerPoint or other presentation support visuals.



The studio is centered around a custom design application (app) that allows the studio to be incredibly versatile, while remaining easy to use. Anyone, without any prior experience in videography, can create consistent high quality videos in a variety of styles.



The studio allows for custom intro videos, credits, multiple shot options, transitions, and mastered audio all to be added and recorded live by a single user. Here is an example of the studio in action

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