Tim (@timothyariel) is one of those people who gives you more than you think you deserve. I truly admire that when I see that in other people, and I strive to do the same. The generosity and confidence that goes along with making someone feel respected, even when it is not warranted, is an amazing trait to have. One that I strive to achieve myself. Which is not always easy for someone who struggles with self confidence.

The first time we met, was through a friend of mine who happened to cut Tim’s hair. He grave her his card and said he would be happy to meet with me. At this point I had been relieved of my duties at my job of 6 years, and looking for inspiration for my next step. I still remember that conversation. I think of myself as much younger than I am, but in reality, I am decidedly older than Tim, who was already living a professional life I could only dream of. I fondly remember the coffee shop conversation. It was definitely one of those conversations, where you leave thinking better of yourself than when you walked in. I am grateful to have had that conversation with Tim, and truly excited to have him be part of kicking off The Audiovisualist podcast.

In this episode we chat with Tim about this journey to where he is today. The tenacity it takes to go from school to freelancing is admirable. Tim really lays out the roadmap of hard work that has brought him to where he is today. Finding great partners (easier said that done, in my experience) and building The thriving boutique creative production firm 5 Folds Creative. Check out Tim’s Journey of a Craftsman Audiovisualist Episode here or download and subscribe:

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