The right partner for a project is someone who creates an experience that builds confidence, fosters communication, and exceeds expectations. That is what I try to provide to all my clients.

Jeffrey Shoup


With more than 15 years of video production experience, I have more than just the knowledge of how to make a great film I have a passion to explore, listen and learn with every new project.


I can be hired to consult on the design of small to medium sized production spaces focused on non media professionals producing their own content.

For the past 5 years I have explored and developed spaces with automated workflows that maximize versatility while empowering individuals to become their own producers.


With the need for digital multimedia communication, and access to the technology and software more democratized than ever. Now is it the time to become digitally fluent.

Jeffrey can be hired to teach individuals and groups the basics of media production. Jeffrey has put together training sessions and workshops on topics ranging from basic audio and video production to 360 video and cell phone media production.

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